Page 6 - Flexfit Fall / Winter 2016
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Headwear designer and manufacturer in Korea since 1974.
YUPOONG is above all a legend, that of a prestigious company whose
products have been used by world leading brands of the 21st century and
have been acknowledged as the “EPITOME OF REFINEMENT”. It is also the
combination of unique craftsmanship and the highest standards of quality
which has gained us an impeccable reputation as the leading headwear
producer in the world.

We have given birth to 4 unique styles of caps and named these FLEXFIT,
110, 210 FITTED, THE CLASSICS YUPOONG. In the following pages, FLEXFIT
EU HUB invites you to discover its new range of caps developed under our
own brand names. From Classic styles to the very latest, we are focusing
on bridging the art of fashion and develop an emotional connection with the
consumers. As part of this programme, we also offer custom designs that
can be made using the same design properties. We hope you will join us
in experiencing this whole new range of the next generation of headwear.

Flexfit has developed an image which is identified as uniquely amazing,
no other cap in the world has been engineered to such precision. With
its unique patented characteristics including Permacurve, we’ve created
a comfortable cap that fits any head size but maintains the integrity and
classic structure of a fitted cap. This, as you probably can tell, offers the
wearer the best of both worlds.

When selecting YUPOONG family products you are making a statement of
your passion for quality.
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